Good news everyone!

My Favourite Game is now live on iTunes (or is about to be in the next couple of hours)! The Apple overlords have somehow miraculously granted the show a tiny sliver of land on the iTunes Store in its podcast section (where else?).

You can search for it under ‘My Favourite Game’ in the next two days, according to Apple, or click here to go to it, though it doesn’t point to anywhere right now. Episodes one and two should be there waiting for you and episode three with Jon Brady on Metal Gear Solid 2 should follow once it goes live tomorrow evening at 6pm.

Also, although this didn’t warrant a separate post at the time (but now I have a decent opportunity to mention it on here), Ben and Louise’s episodes now have an audio-only version along with the YouTube versions. Every episode from here on out will also have audio-only versions, either on here or now on iTunes. Yay!

Not an overly long post otherwise, just wanted to quickly let everyone know of its appearance now on iTunes. If you have any feedback for the show, I’m more than happy to receive it – bearing it’s actually constructive and not rude: email me here or tweet @JohnnyCullen.

Thanks for listening if you have and I hope you continue to listen or if you haven’t already, now’s the perfect time to get on the bandwagon. And if I do say so myself, there’s still some really great episodes still to come this season!

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