Spoiler: Aeris dies.


We begin tonight with a game that is, without doubt, one of the most cherished and beloved games of all time. Final Fantasy VII is likely ranked among many people’s lists as their favourite game ever or as part of their list anyway. This was, after all, an RPG that told a compelling story, fantastic gameplay for its time and it sent JRPGs into the mainstream capacity.

Lydia ‘SquidGaming’ Ellery is one such person who ranks it at the top of her list. Let her for the next hour tell you why she loves it so. Plus, chatter on Sonic, how Metal Gear Solid 3 is a masterpiece (it is) and more.

It’s a shorter edition of MFG than usual because Garageband decided to switch itself off and not record the final fifteen minutes. And I probably should have caught that. Great job, Gar(b)ageband. Great job.

You can listen to the episode below via audio or YouTube.

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Oh, and as someone brought it up on Twitter before this post went live, here’s Lydia’s video from when she reviewed Final Fantasy VII and VIII when she was seven years-old.

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Next week:
Dave Cook on Streets of Rage 2

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