Here we go.


So, an announcement on upcoming episodes of My Favourite Game time.

Next week, you’ll get two additional episodes of My Favourite Game back-to-back beginning Tuesday.

The reason for the backlog, of sorts, is because I’ve decided to wrap up the season this year compared to letting it bleed into 2015. The plan was to end the series as intended on December 18 after the series began in early October (FWIW, getting guests began in July and recording started in August – the last episode was recorded just a week ago).

However, as I wrote about a couple of weeks ago, my mother sadly passed away recently. So obviously, everything was going to be on hiatus until I deemed it to be a respectable time to get back into it again (in fact, after my mother fell ill in early September, I put back the launch of the show by a week: it was due to launch a couple of days after EGX 2014).

Instead of letting the season bleed into 2015, I’d prefer if the final three episodes of the season got out before the end of the year, so they’re launching back-to-back beginning Tuesday and ending next Thursday.

Here’s the list of games that’ll be talked about in the upcoming episodes, along with the dates that they’ll be released on.

Tuesday (December 16):
Grim Fandango, by Debbie Timmins (The Average Gamer)

Wednesday (December 17):
Sonic 3 & Knuckles

Thursday (December 18) – Season Finale:

(If you’re wondering why I only mention one name tied to their episode, but not the other two, it’s because I typically announce them after the latest episode – so basically, you’ll find out who’s doing Sonic after the release of the episode preceding it, in this case, Grim).

Remember to subscribe to the podcast feeds so you can get the episodes as they come out. Sub to iTunes here or if you don’t like iTunes, RSS is here. Here’s the list of them from the blog.

See you on Tuesday.

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