For the Season 1 finale of My Favourite Game, we begin tonight with a reflection. A personal one, if you’ll indulge me.

Just under four months ago, this project plopped into view as I sat thinking about the concept of talking to someone about their favourite game and how they ended up getting into games. Throughout the past two months, however, it’s become more than just talking about the game that’s dear to them than any other.

There’s been stories of how games have helped through a personal period in someone’s life (just listen to last night’s episode with Alan Williamson and honourable mention Shenmue II), how they’ve helped create a deep love for a series after an absence from gaming (Louise Blain, Assassin’s Creed II) or how they’ve developed a sibling relationship (Holly Nielsen, The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker), to name a few.

Of course, we still talked about them because we just straight up love games. But as making this series wore on, I realised that I enjoyed the more personal stories about them, like those mentioned up top or in other episode across the season. For Season 2 of My Favourite Game (yes, I can tell you there will be a second season), I want to find more of these stories.

Not to mention, developing this under the backdrop of GamerGate was rough personally speaking, but coincidental timing nonetheless. That said, if it could help relate to those listening out there in its wake, then it was gravy.

Plus, in the middle of putting it together, I had to go through a really rough personal period of my own, the hardest period of my life, of which games have helped with. Maybe I’ll tell that story in full one day (in fact, I make reference of what happened near the end of the episode).

My Favourite Game was set up to show in some way how people feel about games and the special connections people have with them: me, the people I’ve been talking to for the past four months and hopefully – somehow – you. So to those who’ve listened over the past few two months, thank you so much.

That said, while I have talked a few of my own likes, loves and hates of games through these past eight weeks, I’ve never too gotten personal in them.

Until tonight. Because the Season 1 finale is with someone who I not only consider to be a good friend, but my biggest hero in the industry, something I touch upon in great detail towards the end of the episode: now ex-Eurogamer Editor-in-Chief Tom Bramwell and his favourite game, Quake. The last new IP from id Software before 2011’s RAGE, the first-person shooter helped in part to establish the mighty behemoth that Tom has spent the best part of nearly 15 years writing for thanks to the LAN days spent by founders Nick and Rupert Loman.

Join us for the next hour-and-a-half as he also talks of those early Eurogamer days (including a confession on how a 17-year old rabbid Metal Gear fanboy called “blasphemy” among a certain 8/10), his foray into gaming and what next for ‘The Great One’ of UK games journalism (he’ll hate me as a Liverpool fan for calling him that – I think). He also has the best epic putdown ever for Quake 4 that you just have to listen to. It’s brilliant.

If this episode sounds a lot more recent than most episodes, that was because it was: this was recorded two weeks ago, a week after Tom left Eurogamer (Tom was the first person I went to on my list of people to go to back in August, just before he announced his departure from EG – first to enter, last to leave, innit).

You can listen to the final episode below via audio or YouTube (I highly advise the YouTube version this time round).

And one last time, thanks for listening to My Favourite Game. Until next year…

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivDi1aksiYY]

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