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Next Summer, My Favourite Game will return for a second season. Who knows, it may come earlier, it may even come later. But that is currently the plan. And in the next week or two, I’m going to go about and email the ten folks who I want to have on the show for the upcoming season.

But for now, the plan is My Favourite Game’s second season will start sometime in the Summer.

I just want to say thank you so much to those who’ve listened and subscribed to the podcast’s various feeds in its first season and I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did putting them together. And thank you to all ten folk from the UK games industry I asked to come on for this first season. It was fantastic to record each of them in their own unique way, but I hope the rest of the folks I asked on won’t mind if I specifically point out Holly Nielsen, Alan Williamson and Tom Bramwell.

I highlight these three not just for particular episode-specific reasons, but personal reasons behind them.

Holly’s story on how she got into gaming through her brother was endearing, and our fantastic 20 minute conversation we had on female representation in gaming, that I unfortunately partly cut from the show (hang on, there’s a reason for this post yet…), was wonderful to have. It really was such a mind-opener that if it weren’t in part for that conversation, I don’t think I would have ended up writing this about the female character treatment as of late in the Metal Gear Solid series back in September.

Which brings me to Tom Bramwell. I’ve gone on at length at how much the man has meant to me professionally enough times on this blog (and during his episode). He in part also inspired me to write that Metal Gear piece linked up top thanks to his ‘I’m sexist’ piece on Eurogamer. But more than that, recording his episode a little under a month ago and soon after one of the worst periods of my life culminated in the worst possible way was a stress reliever, as was our off the record chat afterwards. But his episode was a wonderful look back on his gaming life to date and one I personally enjoyed putting together at a time where I needed the escape.

Finally, Alan Williamson. His love for Sonic 3 & Knuckles went to stupid technical detail that was enlightening, engaging and fun to talk about. But it’s one of his honorable mentions later in the episode, Shenmue II, that sticks out for the reasons he gives. In fact, I’ll quote it for you.

“Shenmue II is quite a personal game to me because I played it around the time of my parents’ septation. There was a lot of feelings going on when I finished that game, but also because it really was the last great Sega game before they stopped manufacturing consoles. To me, Shenmue represents the death of childhood. I was sixteen and it kind of felt like everything I knew was falling apart at the time…”

Although this was recorded just before what happened with my mum, that quote resonates with me quite greatly now, albeit in the loosest terms as I wasn’t a child when this was happening (I turn 24 on Friday and I was 23 when it happened) nor were my parents divorcing. though, this did involve one of my parents. To me, to tell a long story short, I felt something similar with Metal Gear Solid 3 when my mum was in hospital at a time when my life felt massively in limbo. I’ll perhaps go into detail one day in one such episode.

But my main point is I enjoyed, even loved, the massively personal tales that people gave on My Favourite Game this first season and particularly those given by Holly, Alan and to a lesser extent, Jon Brady and his tale in getting into games. And I hope to hear more of these stories next season.

But not before one final hurrah. In a special two-hour episode, we take a look back on Season 1 with some of its best bits, bits that never made it in to the show or extended cuts of conversations from the series (such as me and Holly’s talk on female characters in games in full).

Here’s the rundown along with comments on them to add a bit of context to the conversation. Call it a director’s cut commentary, for some stupid reason.


ffxvThe Future of Final Fantasy,
by Alex Donaldson [Final Fantasy IX]

Our conversation on this started in Alex’s episode on the importance of Hiroyuki Ito to the RPG genre and being compared to the likes of Kojima and Sakurai in importance in games, but ends with the question of whether we’ll see him pair with Yoshinori Kitase for Final Fantasy XVI. But in this extended version, we touch on who the new blood of the Final Fantasy series could be and why Final Fantasy VII is the gaming equlevent of Green Day’s American Idiot (Alex’s analogy, not mine)

broken ageLife After LucasArts,
by Ben Cordell [The Curse of Monkey Island]

Me and Ben take a look back on life post-LucasArts for Tim Schafer and Double Fine, primarily its output since from Psychonauts to Act 1 of Broken Age and how it defined Kickstarter for the modern indie games developer. This was fully taken from the first ever episode of the show.

sonic genThe Downfall of Modern Sonic,
by Alan Williamson [Sonic 3 & Knuckles]

In a whole new bit that never quite made it in to his episode (and the first of two bits from him that make it in to this special), Alan laments modern Sonic games and why he just can’t deal with them anymore. There’s a Doctor Who analogy in there too.

mgs3A Conversation on Metal Gear Solid,
by Dave Cook [Streets of Rage 2]

I released this conversation standalone back in August as half-teaser, half-thiswontfitinwiththeepisodeduetotume. Now you get to listen to it again!

lol worldsThe Rise of eSports and Twitch,
by Tom Bramwell [Quake]

Context sake: I asked Tom whether he’d like to see a Quake reboot similar to Wolfenstein: The New Order and the end of that section of the chat is where this segment of the special goes from. We talk on the rise of eSports and the games currently driving their popularity – LoL, DOTA II, Hearthstone, Call of Duty – as well as Twitch’s ongoing climb onwards.

mgs2 arsenalMetal Gear Solid 2: Arsenal Gear and Kojima’s Foreshadowing,
by Jon Brady [Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty]

In a cut segment from Jon’s episode, me and him talk of the events that happen in Arsenal Gear, the AI Colonel, The Patriots and the foreshadowing that went into Metal Gear Solid 2.

femshepThe Legacy of Mass Effect,
by Holly Nielsen [The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker]

In a mix of segments that both never made it in and a bit that did, Holly and me talk of Mass Effect and the legacy Shepard and the characters throughout all three games in the Shepard trilogy will leave behind, such is their storytelling and the way they connect with players. I also, kinda rudely, suggest ME3: Citadel is the best DLC ever over Holly’s suggestion of Oblivion’s Shivering Isles.

aerisAeris’ Death and Its Key Players,
by Lydia Ellery [Final Fantasy VII]

In this section, coming from her episode, Lydia talks of one of the most historic scenes in gaming ever and the key aspects behind it, including that mean old Sephiroth.

shenmue iiShenmue II and “The Death of Childhood”,
by Alan Williamson [Sonic 3 & Knuckles]

As mentioned up top. Even though Alan was already included for his take on modern Sonic, I wanted to include this bit – used in his episode – as this is the kind of story I hope to hear on My Favourite Game in future.

grimHand-Holding in Games,
by Debbie Timmins [Grim Fandango]

Taken from her episode, me and Debbie talk about the hand-holding nature of some modern games and how it was back in the ‘good old days’.

the bossFemale Representation in Games,
by Holly Nielsen [The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker]

As referenced above. Part of this conversation made it into Holly’s episode, but the other half didn’t due to time restrictions on the episode. However, I give it to you now in full. This really was a conversation I enjoyed having so much and one I felt should be been listened to in full at some point. This is that point.

sh3A Conversation on Silent Hill/P.T.,
by Louise Blain [Assassin’s Creed II]

In what was one of the most unique ways to reveal a game’s existence ever, P.T. was released as a ‘playable teaser ‘(hence, P.T.), masqueraded to come from a Japanese indie upstart. It was, in fact, a ruse for a new Silent Hill game from Hideo Kojima and Pacific Rim/should-be Zone of the Enders film director – and the mind behind Pans Labrynth – Guillermo Del Toro.

In a hybrid of scenes used and not used in her episode, me and Louise talk of the Silent Hill series as well as the experiences she encountered in P.T. (I’ve yet to play it and chances are – unless you pay me a huge sum – I won’t play it) and comparisons between it and fellow PS4 horror game Outlast.

You can listen to the episode below via audio or YouTube.

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Listen to My Favourite Game’s first season in its entirety here.

My Favourite Game will return in Summer 2015.

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