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I’ve had Cullen Plays LIVE on ice for various reasons since the big Last of Us GamesAid stream last August – everything that happened in November being the big one, but not the only one as streaming computer was now playing nicely.

I’ve done a couple of off-beat streams with The Evil Within and Assassin’s Creed: Unity since then, but otherwise, it’s been on the DL since August.

That changes on Friday. CP Live returns tomorrow at 5pm GMT for its 2015 bow with Dying Light, Life is Strange and #IDARB.

But I wanted to write what I want to do with the Twitch stuff this year. So here it is.

Daily streams

Whenever I did a Cullen Plays LIVE stream previously, it’d just be mainly for the newer games. Besides that, a special charity stream or whenever I had the whim to go out and play.

From Monday, February 2nd onwards, I’ll be streaming daily.

Don’t get me wrong, newer games will still have their place, but I want to try and grow the Twitch audience a bit, so nightly, I’ll be streaming a certain specific game of my choosing for a week for two hours a night before a new one takes over the following week. I think these can be called ‘Weekly Games’.

Example. From next Monday to Friday, I’ll be doing a daily nightly stream of Dragon Age: Inquisition on PlayStation 4. Times are TBD as I have numerous other things to juggle next week (which I’ll address in part further below), but confirmed times will be tweeted next week. Then, the week after, it’ll be Forza Horizon 2 on Xbox One. And so on and so forth.

And once a month, I’ll be do a seven-day streaming week: I’ll be doing DLC and shorter games over weekends.

Which brings me to my next point.

Less posts on here about it

This is a bit of a trivial matter, but still.

It’s self-explanatory. A lot of posts from the past eighteen months has been in regards to when a stream takes place for separate game on a weekly basis. Instead, on either a Sunday or Monday morning, I’ll publish a weekly running order of what to expect.

That said, I will publish separate posts for a particular stream if I deem it important enough and necessary.

I’ll stream when I can, but there is bigger fish to fry

I do love streaming and I will stream whenever possible.

But I have always maintained that writing will come first. And it always will so. I’m currently in the process of putting together freelance stuff and it’s already looking some of it will clash with streaming as soon as next week. There’ll still be a stream every night next week, but for now, times are looking scatterbrain so it’s all TBD (even I’m sick of using that term by now).

But while writing used to be the only thing that I’d put streaming aside for for a while, there’s now an additional factor in all this: My Favourite Game. I’m currently in the process of putting together Season 2. I’d say I’m half-there in terms of getting the ducks in a row, but there’s still the other half to go now in terms of recording.

It’s now looking like it’ll be out for sometime in Spring rather than my projected timeline of Summer. I have a specific timeframe in mind for when to launch, but I’ll wait until I know for sure before putting them out. Essentially, recording some My Favourite Game stuff for the next while or so will essentially clash with streaming. Basically, writing and My Favourite Game will come before streaming in that particular order.

That said, here’s a tease. There’s a certain four-letter word (don’t have far to look for it) that can be attached to My Favourite Game soon. Stay tuned.

As for YouTube? It’ll be the usual as it was before: stream replays, opening segments and – if there’s a game out there that warrants it that I’m massively excited for – plenty of content for one specific game, not to mention My Favourite Game. No ‘Get Hyped’ though. That’s gone: that was an idea that sounded better in my head than it did in execution. Even I cringe at that name now. And I’m the most excitable person there is about games, so that tells you something.

More charity streams

I’ve always done at least one charity stream per year. In 2013, I did Extra Life playing 12 hours of Naughty Dog games over a weekend. And last year, of course, I did a full 24 hours rinsing The Last of Us for GamesAid.

This year, I don’t intend to do one charity stream. I intend to do three.

I’m not going to mention what they are until closer to the time, although the first one will be coming up relatively soon, so deeds for that will be coming in the next week or two. The two after that will be closer towards the end of the year, so holding off on details for them until then.

I will however go ahead and tease this for one of the two streams towards the end of the year: there will be one charity stream that’ll really push me to the limit.


And I think that’s it. You’ll be able to watch it all happen here.

Cullen Plays LIVE will be fun in 2015! Here’s to fun stream times ahead this year.

Disclosure: Friday’s stream is based on a final PlayStation 4 digital copy of Dying Light and a final Xbox One digital copy of Life is Strange, provided by Techland and Square Enix respectively. Dying Light is out now worldwide digitally on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC with a retail release for Europe on February 27. Life is Strange is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC via PlayStation Store, Xbox Live and Steam.

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