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gta iv

So in the post outlining Cullen Plays LIVE for 2015, I mentioned I had three charity streams lined up for this year. Here’s your first.

From midday today, I’ll be streaming Grand Theft Auto IV for a total of 24 hours (hence the title above – geddit? *wink nod nod nudge nudge*. The main game itself is a massive challenge in itself to get through in 24 hours, so lets add on top of the pressure both of the game’s DLCs, The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, all of which will be played on Xbox 360. At the very least, the main game will be finished within twenty-four hours. The DLC? Lets see how far we get when playing them.

The stream will be part of Gameblast 2015, a 48-hour gaming marathon put together to raise money for SpecialEffect, the UK-based gaming charity that helps disabled gamers unable to play games through the usual means get playing again through innovative tech. There’s more details on what SpecialEffect does here.

The reason I picked GTA IV is because it genuinely is one of my favourite games ever and its DLC are just excellent additions to the game, so I figured I may as well spend my yearly runthrough with the game for a special cause this time.

The tally I’ll be chasing for SpecialEffect as part of this 24-hour stream isn’t a massive number compared to last year’s TLOU stream, but it’s still a bit of a lofty one in £250. You can find the JustGiving page I’ve set up for it here. Please give what you can to what is a massively worth cause from SpecialEffect.

You’ll all know this isn’t my first dance at 24-hour streaming for charity – I’ve done it twice already– and as I’ve said above, this is only the first of three planned, so this is going to be a fun-giving streaming year. It’s only just the start. And all for a good cause. Whilst depriving myself of sleep. Again.

It all begins on midday GMT until tomorrow.

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