Here we go again.


So you know how I said in December that My Favourite Game Season 2 was being lined up for Summer? Scrap that. It’s coming sooner than even I thought. A lot, lot sooner, in fact.

I’ve already recorded sevcn episodes of the show, which was around the time I decided to pull the trigger on publishing Season 1 at that time. So it’s time to go again very soon.Β Even if I’ve recorded the Season Finale already, but not the Season Premiere just yet -as of writing this, that’ll be in a couple of hours time.

That said, figure it’s a good time to announce Season 2’s lineup of games. I’ve already teased all the games that’ll appear in Season 2 on Twitter for the best part of a week. Here’s a recap if you need one.

And since yesterday, I’ve even decided to put out two small teasers for not so much what to expect, but rather who to expect.

But it’s time to stop teasing. Tomorrow at 6pm GMT on Twitch, Twitter and on here, the full ten episodes of My Favourite Game Season 2 will be announced in full along with the first person who will be part of the Season Premiere (I typically announce the names involved the week before their episode airs – read into how you will).

Tune in for the fun.

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