“There’s only room for one Boss and one Snake.”

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Ten years ago today.

That’s how long its been since Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater made landfall in Europe, just four months after its US and Japanese launch.

It is a matter of opinion on what is considered the best game in the Metal Gear series, but it may also be a matter of debate as to what is considered to be Hideo Kojima’s magum opus, his masterpiece: MGS3 or the original MGS back in 1998/1999 (depending where you were in the world that time).

For one long period – eight years, in fact- it was my own favourite game. But even now with another game sitting atop as my favourite game, MGS3 is still a massively special game to me and always forever will be until the day I go to my grave.

I’ve already written at length today as to how much this game means to me even after a decade, so I’ll stop there.

For one of the finest writers and critics in our sector, Leigh Alexander, it remains her favourite game ever after all this time.

Leigh has already written at length about Metal Gear Solid 3 and why it means so much to her for Vice towards the tail-end of last year at the game’s US 10th anniversary, as well as a post-mortem back in 2012 for Gamasutra.

So there’s no better way to celebrate than begin the second season of My Favourite Game tonight with a look back at what me and Leigh can personally say is one of our favourite games ever and perhaps one of the best ever.

You can listen below.

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