“Issac and his mother lived alone in a small house on a hill.”

the binding of issac

We begin tonight with a comment. One that at least most of you reading this will already know, but it’s worth reiterating it again: games are amazing.

Whether they be fun for the sake of fun or tell a story that’s deep, mature and impactful that resonates with us in a big way, games are amazing.

Whether we feel sad, frustrated, angry, happy or whatever, it shows how amazing games are to be able to provoke such responses.

Tonight, in what is perhaps the most personal My Favourite Game I’ve ever put together, freelance Danish games journalist Julie Horup talks of her favourite game The Binding of Issac as well as how games can be an outlet not just for the people writing about them – I’ve already done so a month or so ago for Official PlayStation Magazine UK (and recently re-published a few weeks back on GamesRadar) – but also for the people making them, as evident in Issac and its ties to Edmund McMillen’s upbringing.

Personally speaking, this wasn’t just one of my favourite episodes of Season 2 to record, but one of my favourite episodes of My Favourite Game ever to put together. It’s personal, but insightful and fun at the same time. So I do hope you check it out as this is why My Favourite Game was created, for episodes like these.

You can listen below via audio or YouTube (Games mentioned to follow).

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Christian Donlan on Robotron 2084

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