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robotron 2084

We begin tonight by looking back on what is the oldest game to ever have been part of My Favourite Game.

Released in 1982, Eugene Jarvis and Larry DeMar’s Robotron 2084 was one of the first of the twinstick shooter genre, coming out in a golden era of the genre alongside the likes of other Jarvis games Smash TV and Defender.

But it wouldn’t be the early 2000s before Eurogamer’s Christian Donlan, easily the nicest man in the games industry bar none and one of its best writer (if not THE best), would come across it.

Tonight, on the penultimate episode of Season 2, Chris takes a look back at the game he calls his favourite, as well as talk about his break from games for a while in the mid-90s and talk of his other loves for Spelunky and XCOM, both of which formed the basis of what is Donlan’s greatest ever article – and my favourite article ever – on how games help you prepare for tough times.

You can listen to it via audio or YouTube below.

[audio https://archive.org/download/mfg-robotron-2084-donlan/first%20take.mp3]
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