Leaves door open for Volume 2 as well.


A sequel to Thomas Was Alone 2 is now a lot more possible than it may have been previously. Creator Mike Bithell has said he has an idea in mind for a potential sequel.

“Thomas Was Alone, I always said I wouldn’t do a sequel because I couldn’t think of any ideas for one and I’ve since had an idea so at somepoint, I might go back to that one too, we’ll see,” Bithell said, speaking on the Season 2 finale of My Favourite Game, due to go live on Wednesday evening.

“I’ve never ruled it out, but I think I’ve always said it’d need to be a good idea to justify it and I think I’ve got a good idea so that might justify it, we’ll see what happens.”

But he admitted that he’s more open to a sequel to Volume and has admitted to leaving a few doors open for a potential follow-up for the upcoming futuristic Robin Hood-inspired stealth title.

“With Robin Hood, there’s quite a few stories and this is very much based on the origin of Robin Hood story and there’s definitely room to expand upon that. We leave a few hooks in the game that if we want to do a sequel, we can. I’d like to explore that world a bit more, but ultimately it’s got a lot to do with how well the game does and whether people like it because there’s very little point to make a sequel to a massively upopular game, but we’ll see how it goes down”

He added: “I like the idea of continuing to look for stories in strange places. The thing that appealed about Robin Hood was that it’s a story that has been retold so many times and at various different points in history that the act of retelling Robin Hood is the interesting thing and what you choose to bring to it, how your politics, how your ideas of character come on to the relationships between Robin Hood and the other characters. So I think I’ll probably do more adaptationaly stuff.

“I’m interested in the idea of adaptation. Whether that’s going back to folklore or working with an existing IP, maybe doing a game based on someone else’s licence at somepoint. I’ve got a lot of different areas I can go down. I’m not going to decide yet, but if Volume is successful, I have every intention of going back to that world.”

He’s also said that he’s keen to do an investigative game ala Sherlock Holmes or Agatha Christie with Volume itself previously inspired by Sherlock Holmes initially before transitioning to a tale about Robin Hood.

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