“You left the safety on, rookie.”


We began My Favourite Game’s second season in March with Metal Gear. Tonight, we end it with Metal Gear.

Tied with The Legend of Zelda in terms of most appearances so far on My Favourite Game, Metal Gear Solid 1 is the third time the series has headlined an episode of the show since it started last year, with Jon Brady discussing 2 last season and Leigh Alexander kicking off this season in March with 3 on its European tenth anniversary.

Tonight, it’s time to conveniently wrap Season 2 in a pretty bow and call it done. Who better to do such a thing than someone who’s been massively inspired by Metal Gear Solid to the point he’s making a stealth game based on his experience from it: Thomas Was Alone and Volume creator Mike Bithell.

Tune in for the next 90+ minutes on how his experience playing the game first time might have differed from most of us, why it has left such a defining legacy after all this time and we ponder if Hideo Kojima could also be a marketing brand so to speak (this was recorded before the story of Kojima’s impending departure broke, but in light of his name being taken off Kojima Productions and his games, this discussion is perhaps a lot more significant in light of the ongoing situation between him and Konami).

There’s also some decent Volume chatter in there too as well as talk of future stuff.

You can listen to it below via audio or YouTube. And thanks again for listening to My Favourite Game. Until we meet again later this year…

[Note: I’m afraid – and slightly embarrassed in fact – to say that I do have a breathing problem (to put it lightly) at numerous points during the episode, but especially more so than at the beginning of the episode. Much as it was tried to be fixed, it wasn’t completely eradicated, so I’m afraid you’re going to have to put up with it (though it does massively calm down after the first five minutes). Season 3 will rectify this in a big way as this was also an issue in other episodes this past season, but especially in this one. Apologies with that in mind, and I do hope, my nasty breathing aside, you enjoy the episode]

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