Lets raise some money, eh?

So I’ve not done a stream in a long time. And I certainly haven’t done a charity stream for a very long time. I had three charity streams planned out for the year but unfortunately for reasons out of my control, they unfortunately never happened (well one did – the SpecialEffect charity stream for GTA IV). Hopefully, next year, I’ll be able to do them.

But there is one stream I definitely want to do by the end of the year. And by writing and publishing this, I am committing to it. I’ve had this stream planned out for a good while, but it’s just depended on other things – again, out of my control – panning out.

I’ve done charity streams before, but this is going to take a lot of effort out of me, moreso than past ones. But considering who it is I’ll be raising money for this time, it’ll be worth it.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I – or the rest of my family – appreciate Macmillan Cancer Support. Their nurses were the most incredible of help to us when my mother was ill last year before she subsequently passed last November, something I wrote about on here two weeks ago. But we have so much appreciation and respect for what they did for us, not just as a family, but also to my mum in her final days. We could not have asked for much better support.

Which is why beginning December 17, I’m doing a four-day stream in name of Macmillan in a special Cullen Plays LIVE that’ll last four days marking my favourite games of the year.

To be crystal clear, these won’t be a continuous 96-hour stream. The body has limits. Even trying a 24 hour one over a year ago took a lot of effort (which’ll be fun considering I’ll be doing another next year). Therefore, this’ll be happening through four 12-hour streams beginning 10am on Wednesday, December 17 and through to 10pm each day until Sunday, December 20.

I’m not announcing games for the stream as yet, that’ll be coming closer to the stream. But there’ll be thirteen in total over the four days. There’ll be four per day, three that’ll make up the main top ten and towards the end of the day’s stream, there’ll be an honourable mention game, a game that didn’t make it into the top ten, but still worth checking out anyway.

The grand total I’m chasing is the same as when I did the GamesAid stream on The Last of Us in August 2014: £500. I want to raise a lot more than that, but realistically, that’s perhaps as high as I’m going to get. Or maybe I’m just being super modest and it’ll far surpass that. I don’t know

If you wish to donate ahead of the first day of streaming on December 17, you can do so here. And to watch along, follow the Twitch channel or watch it below.

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