I’m going to actually try and do these.

Every year, internally on this blog’s CMS, I keep track of a list of games I finish. Except last year, I didn’t do that. By the time I realised I hadn’t, I was too far gone into 2015 that there was no point in doing so. But I’ve made sure to start the post this year. I’ve not finished anything yet (first game I played of 2016 was Grow Home which is lovely), but I’m sure throughout the year it’ll fill up.

But in making the post, I also decided to do something else. I’m not very good at making real-life resolutions (the closest I’ve come to doing those for 2016 is these and it’s more or less the same as the ones from last year) and sticking with them.

However, I’ve never really done gaming resolutions. And I feel like this is something that this would be fun. So you know what? I’m going to try and do these gaming resolutions this year. Here’s what has sprung to mind. Saying that, if anyone has more suggestions to add by the end of the week, tweet me @JohnnyCullen and I’ll add the best doable ones here.

bloodborneFinish at least one Souls game this year (Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls II (either vanilla on PC or Scholars of the First Sin on Xbox One) or Bloodborne)

This is perhaps my main one, if not the one below. It’s not one I’m going to jump into immediately, but it’s something I want to do this year. Finish at least one Souls-based game. If I can finish more, better, but even one for me would be a huge accomplishment.

I already have a copy of Demon’s Souls on PS3 bought years ago because of Keza Macdonald’s evangelism, Dark Souls on Xbox 360, Dark Souls II on PC (vanilla) and Xbox One (Scholars of the First Sin) and Bloodborne on PS4.

I always try and get my self into a Souls game, but it seems like at the hour-and-a-half/two hour mark, I get stuck because the game constantly hands a beating to me. Now, the more I think about it, it’s more that the character I’ve made for myself in these games. Depending on what you pick, you pick a playstyle tailored to that character depending on class and other bits.

This time, I need to be more careful in character creation and make sure I create a character in either game, but perhaps especially Dark Souls or Bloodborne, that is more suited to how I want to play the game and make it easier for me. Well, bearable might be better.

zelda wwFinish at least one Zelda game this year (Likely to be Wind Waker)

In the time I’ve done My Favourite Game over the past year, we’ve had three Zelda-based episodes. Yet, I’ve still yet to even go at length and actually finish one. The closest I’ve come to, besides a few minutes then and there on the odd game, is playing 90 minutes of Wind Waker on Wii U and that’s it.

So, like the Souls games resolution, I’m going to try and finish at least one Zelda game this year. And primarlly, I know what the game is that I have in mind: Wind Waker. Hearing Holly Nielsen and Dan Seto babble on about both on MFG has pushed me to actually finally pull the trigger on this and actually finish this.

Saying that, I do have other Zelda games too: A Link to the Past from the NES bought on Wii U (thank/blame Andrew Smith appropriately) and, of course, Ocarina of Time on 3DS. Saying that, there’s spiders (or spider-like creatures) in the game. And my arachnophobia goes off the scale when I see spiders in games (which will make the Souls resolution fun). In fact, a metric I use is if it has spiders, it can fuck off (I’ve finished very few games with spiders in them) – similar to one Keza Macdonald wrote about one time on VG247, but about… horses, I think?

There also Zelda games I don’t have, but seems quite appealing to me: Majora’s Mask on 3DS (again, thank/blame Molly Carroll appropriately), A Link Between Worlds on 3DS or the upcoming Twilight Princess HD on Wii U (I had the original Wii version and play it for a little bit originally).

ffviiFinish Final Fantasy VII as prep for Remake

Technically, this is a similar resolution to the two above in that I want to at least finish one Final Fantasy game this year – and right now, the likely winner of that will be Final Fantasy X – but I feel I absolutely need to get Final Fantasy VII done this year. And it’s not like I don’t already have the game on multiple devices because I do – PS3, Vita, PS4 – so there’s no excuse.

Plus, two further reasons why:

1) Remake
2) I did promise Dan Seto I’d try and finish it when doing his episode of MFG. And he has finished the game that changed my life, just as FFVII did for him, before Christmas in Metal Gear Solid 3. So I figure it’s best I return the favour.

So this year will also be the year I finish a Final Fantasy game as well, but primarily VII.

persona 4Finish at least five games from your bucket list this year

Here’s a dirty little disclosure. I afuckingdore Persona 4. Combined over two long playthroughs on PlayStation 2 (20 hours) and on PlayStation Vita (40 hours), I’d consider it one of my favourite games ever. Top ten, in fact.

Sadly, the truth is I’ve never actually finished Persona 4. On the PS2, I got stuck trying to rescue Kanji and on Vita, I’m currently stuck trying to rescue Naoto.

Last year, after a really rough night spending it in A&E, I wrote a sort of gaming bucket list on NeoGAF that’s linked above. That’s not all of it, but that’s what came to mind that night.

That is another major resolution, up there with the Souls one, that I want to get done this year. In fact, were I to beat either Dark Souls or Dark Souls II (they’re the only Souls games on the list as I hadn’t had Bloodborne at the time and I honestly forgot about Demon’s Souls), Wind Waker and FFVII, I’d have three fifths of my resolution done right there.

But I want to keep this resolution for games other than them. So I’m open to suggestions on what the five games are I should get done by the end of the year (bear in mind, just because some games are on this list doesn’t mean I’ve never played them – one example: Metal Gear Rising is on the list and I’m super close to that being done when I left it, but I want to be able to finish it).

Persona 4 will be on the list. But I’m willing to take other suggestions too via Twitter (deets above). So go nuts.

(Current bucketlist games:

+ Persona 4: Golden (PlayStation Vita/PS TV)
+ Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood (PlayStation 3)
+ Gears of War 3 (Xbox 360 [via Xbox One])
+ Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Xbox 360 [via Xbox One])
+ BioShock (Xbox 360)

Deus Ex and Persona 4 already finished, Brotherhood playthrough (slowly) in progress)

until dawnPlay at least one horror game on PS4/XB1 this year (P.T., Outlast, Until Dawn, Resident Evil Revelations 2)

Until Dawn. If gets me to play more, great. For now, babydoses. Until Dawn. Then work our way up to the big one: P.T.

charityDo at least one 24-hour charity livestream this year

So I did two charity streams last year for SpecialEffect and Macmillan, the latter being over the course of four days and with a ton of prizes involved, of which I’ll start sending out the first batch of later this week.

But this year, I want to do a proper full-on 24-hour one, something I ain’t done since The Last of Us Remastered for GamesAid in 2014. I had planned on doing one last year, but various factors meant it was a no-go. And I had intended as a result to do at least two 24-hour streams this year for two games, but considering how much doing four back-to-back 12-hour streams took out of me before Christmas, needless to say, only one will do.

So I will do a 24-hour livestream for charity this year again. Specifically, it’ll be for GamesAid. But as to the game in question, I’ve still to decide. At this point, it’s a toss up between my three most anticipated games of the year: Uncharted 4 (April), No Man’s Sky (June) or Persona 5 (Summer in Japan, which means it’ll be Autumn in the west – for the US at least, it’ll be 2030 before it comes to Europe). If you don’t see an announcement a month in advance of the game’s release, that means I won’t be doing that game.

And even then, it feels like it’s edging towards either No Man’s Sky or Persona 5. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so looking forward to Uncharted 4, but that’s something I’m likely I want to enjoy on my own time. Nothing’s set in stone just yet, so we’ll see. I have up no earlier than up until the end of February to decide.

But it’s definitely happening.

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