I’ve not had it in me this while to blog about something. I’ve had quite a few things I wanted to blog about. I wanted to blog about the new Radiohead album. I wanted to blog about E3. I wanted to blog about stuff.

I just have it in me to write anything that’s long in length right now. Like, I can do smaller stuff like – and this is going to sound like the most banal thing ever – tweets and Facebook. When I do write lengthy stuff as of late, it’s only to set up posts on the website for My Favourite Game.

Maybe this is my way of going on hiatus. Or maybe I’ll be back next month to go again. But considering how I don’t have it in me right now to write – hell, it look a lot of effort last month just to write a thing on Uncharted 4’s ending – it may be skewing more towards the former than the latter.

So if you read this blog – and I don’t know why you would, to be quite frankly honest, there are better writers out there – and don’t see anything for quite sometime, you now know why.

See you soon.


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