Last week, I made the decision to give my blog a new look after a few years. But even then, I still felt an impulse need to change things up as I had felt things had been a bit stale.

The TL;DR version is for the past week, I’ve been upping sticks from WordPress to Squarespace and that I’ve been moving everything over (or nearly everything over because it hasn’t shown all the posts from pre second-half of 2015). It also allows me to things creatively that I wouldn’t be able to do on WordPress.

Also, there’s specialised landing pages for My Favourite Game and the book I wrote and released last year, Level Up.

Other that that, I’m going to go and eat now and take some stock of some things. Keep it tight, keep people you love a hug and get hugs from your dog because dog hugs are the best.

<3 xx

PS: The name ‘StokkseyriBoy’ comes from two things. One, the name of an village in Iceland. And two, the main context for me, the name of my favourite song ever by Jonsi (of Sigur Rós fame) and Alex Sommers. Also, hence the main image above.

PPS: The title is not in reference to Daughter’s song from Life is Strange: Before the Storm or Seth Rollins, but I am okay with it if you think otherwise.

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