Square Enix teased its E3 event, a Nintendo Direct-like affair, with some mysterious wording when it was first announced, but it was enough to get the speculation juices going on what we’d see. The last time it held an event was 2015 and it was decent. Silly at times, but decent.

For this one, we got one or two new games, such as Platinum’s Babylon Falls, coming in 2019, and The Quiet Man, which very little was shown besides a trailer that was half live-action and the other half being potentially gameplay and a vague promise of more for the game in August, likely at gamescom. That last bit suggests it’ll be a European developer behind this.

But everything else was either collaborations of games such as Monster Hunter World and Final Fantasy XIV as well as games we saw and heard already yesterday at Microsoft such as Life is Strange – Season 2 prequel Captain Spirit, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Just Cause 4 and Kingdom Hearts III.

They even showed a new Octopath Traveler trailer to maybe save the hassle of showing up at Nintendo tomorrow.

But beyond that? Nothing.

– No Avengers
– No Left Alive
– No Final Fantasy beyond XIV – meaning no VII Remake, no second round of DLC showing for XV and no XVI
– Nothing super massive at all

Low and behold, EA. Your mantle of the worst press conference of E3 2018 has somehow been taken by Square Enix


– Shadow of the Tomb Raider got a much better showing here than at Microsoft with a gameplay demo, even if she was embracing her Nathan Drake side a little too much with all the killing. Also, remember when they teased a queer relationship between Lara and one of her companions from the first game? Can we return to that?

– Final Fantasy XIV is getting a Monster Hunter collaboration.

– Dragon Quest XI is out in September. It looks alright.

– Babylon Falls from Platinum Games coming next year for PS4 and PC, though I reckoned at first this have might be a Final Fantasy spin-off of sorts than a new IP.

– Octopath Traveler got a new trailer. Out next month.

– Just Cause 4 is still a thing, it’s still coming out in December and it still feels meh.

– The Quiet Man has me intrigued. More to come in August, likely at gamescom.

– An extended version of the Kingdom Hearts III trailer from Microsoft last night. Fine.

Either Sony is the one holding Square bombs such as The Avengers or Final Fantasy-related shennigans. Or that was some weak as fuck nonsense. Actually, that was some weak as fuck nonsense even if Sony has stuff later on.

This was pointless, Square.


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