When I watched Nintendo’s E3 Direct live, I did it under the haze of exhaustion after two days of late nights and other personal trinkets. And I was more reasonable to it and actually kinda receptive towards what was shown as a result.

Now I’ve had time to digest on it and I’m a bit more responsive… Nintendo was a bit shite.

Daisy Ridley is in Smash…oh you mean Daisy and Ridley

Me: Who’s in the new Smash Bros game, Nintendo?

Nintendo: Everyone.

Me: Everyone?


So everyone is in the new Smash Bros game.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s the name and it has every fighter who’s ever been in a Smash game since its inception on the N64 in 1999, save for a few new characters of course. There’s the Inklings from Splatoon, though we knew that from the game’s reveal teaser in March. But Daisy is being introduced for the game (it’s a bit more of a convoluted explanation to explain considering she’s not a proper character in the sense the majority of others are, but she’s in). As is Ridley from Metroid.

Masahiro Sakurai gave a massive deep dive on the game ahead of its now confirmed December 7 release, but perhaps gave too much of a deep dive on it. After a while, it got super technical and boring. And for hardcore Smash players, that’s fine, but a majority of it could have been done in a standalone Smash Nintendo Direct. And for the biggest event of the year, you don’t do super technical deep drops for games. You keep it snazzy, jazzy and juicy. Smash Ultimate has its characters, name and date plus a ton of gameplay. That was enough. Add in only a few overview things and you’re golden.

But the way Nintendo went into it was as I said super technical, but also down to the last detail and, quite frankly, just grating. Thus, it was boring.

Look. We’ll still be buying it come December. We’ll still be playing it when we’re punching our gran’s head in (her as Daisy, you as anyone else) after Christmas dinner. And it’ll move a fucking ton of Switches. A December launch is odd, yes, but the one upside at least is that it will move a ton of units in time for Christmas.

But as first introductions go, it was boring. Not bad, necessarily (though it did verge on that at times). Just boring.

Huffing and puffing and blowing the houses down

We finally got our first look at the new mainline Fire Emblem game coming to Nintendo Switch, subtitled Three Houses (cue the Three Little Pigs jokes). And hooey it looks great.

Coming next spring, a delay considering it was due to launch this year per Nintendo in a Fire Emblem-themed Direct last year, it’s still at its core a strategic tactical RPG where a group known as the Church of Seiros “exercises great power over the land and its people,” says Nintendo with said land being F√≥dlan. Three Houses will contain new strategic twists on battling and more.

I’m someone who has promised himself for the longest time he’d get into the Fire Emblem series with Awakening and then Fates. But I never have and, truthfully, the time has probably passed. But Three Houses seems like the one that I’ll finally get into with the series. At least, it will be if this first teaser is an indicator.

Other notes

– Daemon x Machina from Marvelous Games coming next year. It looks good, but I wasn’t the only one thinking this was Xenoblade-related or Monolithsoft-related at first, right?

– Speaking of Xenoblade, we’re getting a promised story expansion for Chronicles 2 known as Torna – The Golden Country in September. I really should play more of XC2.

– Quick brief note on Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu/Evie, though we’d seen the footage already. November 16 for that, which, again, we knew. That said, there was a good chunk of footage shown on a Nintendo Treehouse Live demo which I’ve yet to check out. That’s something to do over the weekend, I guess.

– Super Mario Party is a thing. It’s coming October 5. NEXT.

– *act surprised* Wow. They brought Fortnite to the Switch! It’s out now! And I can’t play it! Because my Epic-linked account is tied to my PS4! Oh no.

– Hollow Knight is out now on Switch as well and, hey, it looks rad. Something for down the line for moi.

– Overcooked 2 is officially a thing. It’s coming August 7. And it’s coming with online multiplayer. I’m in – because I had no friends to play the original Overcooked with (hahahaha I’m lonely please be my friend).

– A new Octopath Traveler demo is coming tomorrow. And you can transfer the data from it over to the main game. That’s out July 13.

– DragonBall FighterZ coming to Switch next year. If you’ve seen the leaks, you’ll know this is a massive shocker.

– Paladins out now for Switch as is Fallout Shelter, though we knew that from the Bethesda presser, with Dark Souls reiterated for a Summer release.

– There was no Yoshi – which isn’t even at the show this year – Metroid Prime 4 or Bayonetta 3. Which would have been fine if Nintendo hadn’t previously promised this Direct was solely based on 2018 stuff.

– There was also no Animal Crossing. And thus, a multi-million hearts broke in half. Including mine. And then we let slip the cries of war at Nintendo for another E3 without Animal Crossing.

Nintendo promised Smash. We got Smash. But its unveil seriously dragged down its presentation to near boring levels. And whilst Fire Emblem: Three Houses was at least a redeemer as did Fortnite (even if the leaks made sure we knew that was coming and even then, it can’t be played in some cases), a majority of the other stuff – save for Overcooked 2 and Hollow Knight – didn’t entice.

There was also no real surprises too. The only one really was the fact Smash would have every character who’s been in the series to date in this one game, but I’m more referring to surprise announcements, something that would have stood out, something that would have elevated the show. And in that case, this just didn’t happen.

This wasn’t as much a bad show necsarily. Just a boring show. And say what you will about Sony screwing the pooch on its showI certainly did – but it at least had the content and surprises to help elevate its show. It certainly wasn’t boring. And that’s the most important thing of all. If your show is boring, it’s just not going to land.

Nintendo didn’t land it.


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