I legitimately do not know what to say.

First, watch the above. Then watch the below.

– Fall Guy from Mediatonic is basically It’s A Knockout mixed with battle royale and it’s wholesome as fuck. Coming to PS4 and PC next year.

Devolver Bootleg is an eight-in-one collection of games on Steam right now that features knockoffs of some of Devolver’s most well-known games? Hotline Miami? More like Hotline Milwaukee.

– Carrion is a 2D alien-based, “reverse” horror game coming to PC next year. Not my thing, but I at least loved the set up to it in the press conference. Shit, Direct. Right.

– Enter the Gungeon is getting an arcade cabinet with its own unique game. Coming Early 2020.

– An expansion for The Messenger, Picnic Panic, is dropping on July 11. I should play that.

– My Friend Pablo closed the show with a trailer announcing its date (though we already knew that). It’s launching June 22 on PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC. It’s rather good, going by what I played of it at EGX Rezzed!

Devolver was a thing that happened.


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