About Me

My name’s Jonathan Cullen. Call me Johnny.

This is a place where I write sometimes and also have other things of mine to show. A majority of what’s here is about games, but there might be some off-beat stuff from time to time, like music and films. Or other things.

I’m a freelance videogames journalist (Eurogamer/VG247/Official PlayStation Magazine UK/Kotaku among others) from Derry, Northern Ireland.

In addition, I host the award-nominated podcast My Favourite Game, in which folk from the games industry talk of their favourite game and the experiences they’ve had playing games growing up.

I’m a massive obsessive on all things Naughty Dog, Hideo Kojima, Persona 4, Life is Strange, Radiohead, Jonsi & Alex, Imogen Heap, Lost in Translation, The Social Network, La La Land, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Arrested Development, 24 and wrestling (Bayley and Johnny Gargano mark).

PS: The name ‘StokkseyriBoy’ comes from two things. One, the name of an village in Iceland. And two, the main context for me, the name of my favourite song ever by Jonsi (of Sigur Rós fame) and Alex Sommers.

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