Empty brain

I’ve not had it in me this while to blog about something. I’ve had quite a few things I wanted to blog about. I wanted to blog about the new Radiohead album. I wanted to blog about E3. I wanted to blog about stuff. I just have it in me to write anything that’s long […]

Xbox 360’s greatest games

Goodnight, sweet prince Last week, Microsoft announced, after ten years of service, Xbox 360 would discontinue production. It is without question, at least in software output, one of the best consoles ever. To celebrate the blooming thing’s legacy – and the need to post something here at least once a month so I don’t go […]

Evolution Studios to close

Future of DriveClub now in limbo. Evolution Studios is to close, Sony Computer Entertainment has said. The DriveClub and Motorstorm developer was founded in 1999 and bought by SCE in 2007. “Regular reviews take place throughout SCE Worldwide Studios, ensuring that the resources that we have in such a competitive landscape can create and produce […]

In limbo

Oh joy, brain. Last week, I had a big crash of confidence and self-esteem, of which I’m still feeling the effects of now. I’m writing about it and coming clean because I’m sick and tired now of keeping everything kept in to myself, but at the same time, I’m at a bit of a loss, […]