My Favourite Game

Created in 2014, My Favourite Game was set up to be a side-project and what was meant to be a notch on my CV. Instead, its become one of my main things. Four seasons in (with a fifth currently ongoing…whenever I stop being a lazy asshole and actually publish some episodes) plus multiple specials (including the annual Game of the Year special), MFG has been a sort of incredible revelation for myself in delving into people’s favourite games and why they resonate with them so much as they work within the games industry.

After its first two seasons and after the start of its third, the show was nominated for a Games Media Award in 2016 for Best Independent Podcast, an achievement that was utterly unbelieveable considering the show was still in its infancy as a year-old show. Its seen some of the biggest names who’ve been part of defining major games franchises, such as BioShock, Assassin’s Creed, Silent Hill, Battlefield, The Last of Us, Uncharted and more with insightful and incredible developers like Robin Hunicke (Funomena/Katamari Damacy), Chris Avellone (Freelance designer and ex-Obsidian/Wasteland), Steve Gaynor (Fullbright/Resident Evil 4), Sam Barlow (WARGAMES and Her Story/A Mind Forever Voyaging), Mike Bithell (Bithell Games/Metal Gear Solid) and a ton, ton, TON more.

As well as normal episodes that form part of each season – ten-to-twelve each season – the annual Game of the Year special, a tradition since 2015, subverts the traditional talk of talking of their favourite game ever by asking them to talk of their favourite game of the year. I genuinely enjoy putting this together every year as I hear diverse guests across pass seasons talk of their GOTY in unique and interesting ways.

More details on My Favourite Game can be found on its website and in my portfolio.

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