Fresh lick of paint. Hello. So I've updated this little thing. Last time I did so was around, I think, the start of 2016. And now, hopefully, a new fresh coat will encourage me to write a bit more here. There's now a sort of home page that greets you instead of the incoherent nonsense [...]

Cullen’s GOTY 2017: The greatest year ever

The year to end all years. The subheading may be a bit of hyperbole, I'll admit. But that still isn't any less true, though. 2017 has been something else in regards to games. To say it's been a classic or even vintage year would be underselling it, though those definitely apply. What 2017 has been, [...]

Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Armageddon-level spoiler bullet point thoughts

I'm not joking, this is getting spoilered to high hell. Right. I need to get what I saw of Star Wars: The Last Jedi down into something. I can't do Twitter because it's literally less than twelve hours since release so to say anything approaching spoiler territory, let alone actually spoiling a thing, would be [...]

Detroit: Become Human, The Last of Us: Part II and being desensitised to gratuitous abuse and violence

[Content warning: This piece features talk of domestic abuse, child abuse and graphic talk of incredibly gratuitous violence. Discretion is advised] Before I get into this, I should lay my cards out on the table here. Detroit: Become Human and The Last of Us: Part II are games I am strongly looking forward to and [...]

Life is Strange: Before the Storm: Episode One, Awake – We didn’t start the fire… (Thoughts)

Erif klaw htiw em? [With the return of Life is Strange with Before the Storm, I'm returning to my writing of the series as I did with the first main season of the franchise. Note that each entry, like before, will be spoiler-filled so only read if you've played it (or you DGAF, I don't [...]

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