keeping up

Hello. So I realise I haven't kept the blog as much up to date as I shouldn't have. But that's my fault. But anyways, I'm going to try and get back into the rhythm of things again. So you may remember in my last post that I had something coming up at the time, but [...]


I know I promised I would post more, but I broke that promise. So here I am again. Hopefully, I'll stick to it this time. I've been kinda buys with work related stuff, so it's mainly the reason I haven't posted as much. On the gaming front, I've been plowing away at a couple of [...]


So today, my teenage days were over. I'm officially in my early 20s. Yup, I'm 20. Thinking about it, it's a bit surreal. It must have been only yesterday I was eight years old and having cake with my cousins. Now here I am. Anyways, today's been brilliant so far. I'd be lying if I [...]

final game of the year 2010 list

I know. I'm a whuss. I've decided not to continue in my backlog adventures. While I knew I wasn't going to beat everything, I'm just a bit burnt out from this year in everything, to be honest. So this, for riggidy realz, is my final game of the year list. Game of the Year 2010 [...]

latest GOTY 2010 list

After finishing Halo: Reach and Black Ops, I'm currently trying to finish Red Dead Redemption and get my first driver's title on F1 2010. Currently, I'm in Mexico in RDR and in third in the driver's championship in F1 '10. But what does my GOTY list currently consist off from the first original list? Is [...]

2010 backlog – reach, black ops done, red dead and f1 2010 next

We're rolling now. In the past week, following the completion of Medal of Honor, I've finished two other games in my backlog: Halo: Reach and Call of Duty: Black Ops. Reach - A fine send-off from the series from Bungie. - 9 Black Ops - Enjoyed it a lot more then Modern Warfare 2. Well [...]

current 2010 GOTY list + first backlog game done

Finished. So, just to let you know, I've been thinking of posting the tentative top ten games of this year for me while I go through my backlog. Here it is so far: Mass Effect 2 Heavy Rain Alan Wake Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Splinter Cell: Conviction F1 2010 Split/Second Battlefield: Bad Company 2 [...]

2011 – a vintage golden year in gaming

If the Spike Video Game Awards last night told us anything, it is that is a massively big farce in terms of awards - Neil Patrick Harris, the host, as Best Human as a Videogame Character? Yeah. But on an announcement level, it was fantastic. It's shaped up the massive gaming landscape that is set [...]

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