wait it out

Are we just going to wait it out? In a need to start posting more often, I'm going to post this. It's a video of Imogen Heap from last Wednesday. It's Wait it Out. Why am I not embedding the other videos? Because those are private, ringo. And yes, the one of Tidal doesn't feature [...]


I've rebooted the blog. Whole new (nothing dramatic) look and a couple of other things added, hopefully in the need to get me posting on here again a lot more offten. I'll post something soon. For now, just read up on this.

imogen heap – empire, belfast

Wow. Wow. Wow. And oh my god... wow. So. I went to see Imogen Heap in Belfast. I expected it to be good. No, I expected it to be great. But nowhere in a million years did I honestly think it was be fan-fucking-tastic. Honestly, any adjective I could use to praise her would be [...]

digital love

No, not that type of Digital Love. But that Daft Punk song of the same name is bangin'. [Proof] With the ever rising prominence of full games appearing on Xbox Live and PlayStation Store, and shelf space on my collection running thin, it has most likely come to the point I need to replace these physical copies [...]

germania: gamescom – cologne, germany!

Finally. After a period where I thought I wasn't going, having to renew my passport weeks before the event  - it was fucking hairy shit - I'm finally heading out to Germany for gamescom. This is my first visit to Germany, let alone my first trade event or my first trip to Cologne, so I [...]

as time goes by

Oh how it does fly by. Just like that. I remember when the ball started rolling quite clearly. After sending in an application to do freelance work for VG247 during gamescom, while I was editor of GOONL!NE, on July 7, I phoned a certain Mr. Garratt about the role. The rest after that is history. [...]

france, spain, crappy derry and photography

France!!! Barcelona! Dublin... Derry. For the first time in ten years, I actually go abroad: the last time was when I was 9. As in get out of this shitty city and out of the country. For the first time ever, I fly abroad on my own. Needless to say, I'd be lying if I [...]

an infinite five days

So let's put it like this: I thought the first week of February was brimming with news. EA, Ubi and Acti financials, plus X10, NPD and a new God of War III trailer. But that didn't prepare me, in honesty, for what would be the biggest week for me so far. My name's Jonathan Cullen, [...]

next week, the fantasy is no longer a fantasy

I'm going to be frank (please Sev, don't make that lame joke :P): I am not a hardcore Final Fantasy fan. Never have been, to be honest. But yet, I'm so incredibly pumped for Final Fantasy XIII. Don't ask me why, but since 2008 (before the E3 360 announcement, before you state what I think [...]

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